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Re-inventing Desktop UX

Here’s a short video showcasing the recent progress on Intent, kicked off by the wheel reinvention jam as a way of re-thinking Desktop UX. It is currently at a place where I can start experimenting with using it as a daily driver to switch between different contexts on Windows by managing the open and shown windows & processes. Currently in closed beta. Email me for access: [email protected]


Most desktop UX is a blank canvas with the whole universe of computing open to its users. In addition, the manipulative tactics of social media, video streaming platforms, and other software designed to constantly capture the attention of its users, leads to an extremely distracting environment full of easily treaded time sinks.

The goal of “Intent” is to reject this paradigm and bring mindfullness to the way we interact with our computing devices. Instead of sitting down at your computer and habitually opening the usual vices, “Intent” immediately confronts you with the question of “What do you want to accomplish?”. Select a session and do what you set out to without distraction.

Select a task and “Intent” will launch a pre-configured list of applications, websites, and folders to get to the task at hand. Pause sessions to hide the windows, switch contexts, and resume later. Set a timer and “Intent” will automatically close them down when time has expired.


Future Goals: